What is “delay play rounds” and why does the casino prohibit it?

Casino gamblingEvery casino has a clause like this in the rules “It is forbidden to postpone any game rounds when wagering bonuses”. I never stopped on this clause and did not go into details. But recently read a complaint on the casino about this and was interested in what it’s all about.  The punter complained that he canceled the bonus for nothing. However, the casino argued that they did so based on the rules. Without realizing it, the punter postponed the bonus round, for which he was punished. I don’t think every user in the casino knows what this is and why it shouldn’t be done. Nor did that punter know about it. 

What is a”postpone round”? 

To postpone a bonus round, it turns out, means to interrupt the game and resume it after a while. We once explained what happens if an error occurs, the slot freezes and has to be closed. In such cases you will be able to reopen the slot machine and it will have to start again from where you stopped last time. With bonus rounds everything is similar. If you interrupt the game by closing it, you will be able to reopen it when you no longer have the obligation to wagering bonuses. And you will be credited with real money, instead of bonus winnings. That’s what operators don’t want. On the subject of online casino ludomania. How to quit the slots? Not all bonus rounds are triggered automatically. Sometimes a punter needs to give a command or choose something to make the bonus round start or continue. Then there is an opportunity to close the slot and open in a day, two, a week, etc. 

Theoretically it should be just so – the game opens at the point where it stopped. Although in practice I do not know whether it will be like this after a long break. Heard from more than one punter that sometimes after closing the bonus round does not continue, and the balance returns to the original, as if the bonus round never happened. Case of the punter The punter we talked about above said that he is used to playing several slots at once and constantly goes from one tab to another. When he got the bonus game running on one slot, he saw that and left the reels spinning, switching to another slot. Apparently, the bonus game did not end automatically and the winnings were not accrued. This was the reason for cancelling the bonus. Intentionally or not, casinos do not want punters to wait until the moment when bonuses will be recouped and winnings of bonus round will be credited to the real punter’s account. 

So far, I personally have not heard of such a practice. But since casinos insert massively this condition, it means there are punters who are trying or have tried to use it. Caution If you like to switch from slot to slot, you need to be careful after taking bonuses. When playing with your own money in top online casinos Canada, it won’t count as a violation. After all, there is no difference to the casino. It’s best to check with customer service to see if you will be considered to have postponed the bonus round if you simply switch tabs and return to the slot shortly thereafter to activate or continue the bonus game. That way you avoid unfortunate mistakes.

Slot Review Adelia The Fortune Wielder Play

You can play Adelia The Fortune Wielder slot machine from Foxium in demo mode, completely free of charge. Adelia The Fortune Wielder slot has a 96.5% return rate, 5 spinning reels, 20 paylines. There is no bonus game, there are free spins, there is a Wild symbol, there is a Scatter symbol, and there is a multiplier. You can play Adelia The Fortune Wielder slot machine in automatic mode, there is a “Fast spin” mode. Adelia The Fortune Wielder – an exciting slot from Foxium in the spirit of fantasy. 

On the technical side, Adelia The Fortune Wielder is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot from Foxium that comes with a good range of bonus features. You can play on all compatible devices with a minimum bet of € 20 per spin. Play Adelia The Fortune Wielder slot for free The design of the Adelia The Fortune Wielder slot looks impressive. The game drums are set against the background of the ruins of ancient monasteries that stand on the plain, surrounded by high mountains. Among the symbols, you will see card names from 10 to A, bottles of potion, daggers, a bag, a book of spells and the best symbol in the slot is a magic staff, which will bring in 5, 12.5 or 25 times your stake, for three, four or five such symbols on the payline. The letter W is a standard wild symbol, substitutes for all symbols in the game, except for the scatter, and appears on reels 2, 4 and 5 in the main game. It is joined by the multiplier wild, which can appear only on the third reel. Any winning combination containing a multiplier wild is multiplied by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times. We advise to try to play this slot by choosing one of the best Canadian online casino.

Bonus features of the slot Adelia 

The Fortune Wielder Adelia’s Fortune Respin – it starts when a whole stack of multiplier wild appears on the third game reel. The drum on which the stack of wilds fell remains in place, and the rest rotate again. Respins continue as long as winning combinations are formed. Free Spins feature – activated by scatter symbols. Their role is played by the main character of the slot – Adelia. It appears in long stacks on the second and fourth game reels, respectively, and can completely fill the game column. When you receive 4, 5 or 6 scatters on one spin, you will receive 10, 20 or 30 free spins. During this function, pay attention to the coins that can be attached to the symbols, when they appear, these coins are moved to the chest. 

After accumulating the required number of coins (three pieces), the chest will open, and the following features are waiting for you: Blue chest – symbols 10, J and Q, when they appear on the playing field, they will have a multiplier from x2 to x5 Green chest – symbols K, A and a bottle with a potion, when they appear on the playing field, they will have a multiplier from x2 to x5 Pink chest – symbols dagger, bag, book and staff, when they appear on the playing field, will have a multiplier from x2 to x5 Thus, if you can unlock all chests and the following spins will occur taking into account the multipliers that will be applied to each winning combination. All in all, Adelia The Fortune Wielder is a slot with great graphics, interesting features and a very lucrative free spins round. Dama casinos have everything you need for a productive game.

Hypnotic state when playing online pokies

playing online pokiesFrom time to time, when playing in a casino, every gambler may experience a state of altered consciousness. The latest research revealed that on average, online casino punters spend 4 or more hours at their monitors. The most inveterate gamblers can spend even more in the institution – up to 12 hours. You can find out more about the addicts on the website, which presents a large number of useful articles about the gambling industry. At the same time, some of them may never break away from the game. At the same time, the majority of the respondents noted that they did not feel tired, since all their attention was completely directed to the gameplay. This phenomenon is noted by all gamblers, regardless of gender.

The reason for the hypnotic phenomenon

The first and one of the most important reasons for a state similar to a trance is the atmosphere of a gambling establishment. In a real club, the whole atmosphere is aimed at making the visitor forget about the outside world. In the halls of the institution there are no windows and clocks, in addition, soothing music always plays in the room, muffling all extraneous irritants, and the lighting is muffled.

Against the background of all of the above, pokies are shining with bright lights, which beckon gamblers to come and try them. Drivers experience similar sensations when the process is brought to automaticity. At the same time, all extraneous feelings disappear. Players do not feel hungry or thirsty, the desire to sleep fades into the background. It is this state that can be called a trance.

Fighting hypnosis

Fighting numbness is possible. The hypnotic effect of the game wears off if you are regularly distracted by various stimuli, for example, by people passing by. An instruction on a pokie machine or a set of rules for a particular game can be used as a distraction. For example here, where they tell very well how to choose the best slot to play –

Also, do not forget about the time spent playing the game. It is recommended to always keep the watch in sight and set the timer for a certain time, after the signal of which it is imperative to take a short break.

It is better to go to a real gambling establishment with friends, so as not to lose touch with reality. Talking to a friend is the best cure for hypnosis. It is important to remember that it is the person who controls the game, not the game by the person.

6 More Online Casino

More Online Casino


Pitfalls to Jump Over We recently tried to map out some of the online pokies terrain for new players, alerting you to some of the quirks of playing in online casinos as a lifestyle. Today we continue the list – there were too many important facts to fit into one post! Go forth and gain your experience – but keep this important advice in mind as you do. 

  1.       Online Communities Have you noticed how big companies are starting to respond to the prevailing sentiments on Twitter? The internet has truly unlocked the power of the people, and this is true in the online casino world as well. Once you start seriously playing online pokies or table games, you should start getting involved in the online communities around virtual casinos. Casinomeister is one, and there are others. Representatives from online casinos frequent these p[laces to protect their reputations and the moderators can act as intermediaries between you and the casino – so if you have trouble, they can be a great place to go! 
  2.       Rogue Casinos An essential skill on the internet is learning to tell the legitimate businesses from the scams, and the online casino world is no different. There are lists of ‘rogue online casinos’ posted at many communities across the internet. Make sure you check them before you make a deposit at ANY new casino. 
  3.       Accredited Casinos First the bad, then the good! There are also various accreditation services in the online casino world, the best known of which is eCOGRA, which audits, calculates and publishes  payout percentages for various games. You can check eCOGRA’s list of accredited casinos, but be aware that these aren’t the ONLY legitimate casinos. 
  4.       Payout Percentages Speaking of payout percentages, the published figures are casino-wide. There may be different payout percentages for particular online pokies games, which may be generally higher or lower than the overall figure. There are also ‘high variance’ games made by some software companies, which pay out some very big wins, but much fewer small wins. And of course, your actual payout percentage is influenced by randomness and chance more than anything! 
  5.       Statistics If you’re good at math and statistics, you’ll enjoy online pokies. If you aren’t, much of the side discussion about online casinos will go over your head. Find yourself some online tutorials to help you get into the community! 

You Can’t Cheat the System The temptation to ‘cheat’ online casinos in one way or another must be strong! There are literally thousands of players across the world who have spent many weeks or their life figuring out how to shill casinos with various software tricks or simple fraud. 

They all end the same way – closed accounts, lost winnings, etc. The hallmarks of fraud are well known in the online casino world. Don’t bother trying!

Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna video pokie This is a video pokie game which was developed using Viper microgaming software. This game has actually become popular by many people because of its lucrative features. This pokie game is based on the jungle theme and gives players a chance to enjoy some of the richest graphics ever developed by Microgaming industry. Big Kahuna, however, leans towards the humorous side, treating its players with funny jungle animals, characters, masks delicious fruits and volcanoes. 

This online pokies game is actually the first pokie of its type developed and launched into the market by Microgaming developers. Immediately after its release into the market, Big Kahuna became more popular that its developers (Microgaming) were inspired and decided to venture into developing more games of this kind using the same theme. Today, you will find different kinds of Big Kahuna variant pokie games in the online casinos site of Microgaming Company. 

About this game 

Big Kahuna Pokie has 9 paylines, 5 reels, a scatter symbol, a wild symbol and two bonus games. If you wish to venture into playing this pokie game, you can bet as many as 5 coins in each payline or up to a maximum of 45 coins per spin. You will find that the top fixed payout is quite generous, and if you put a maximum bet and as a result you are able to activate all paylines, you definitely win up to 8000 coins. You can use any coin denomination when playing the game ranging from $0. 05 to $0. 50 and this feature makes this pokie game ideal game for players with different wagering habits and bankroll sizes. 


The wild symbol is the Big Kahuna Logo. This logo can help in creating winning combinations by substituting other symbols.   You will find that the Monkey that appears in this pokie game is the scatter symbol and can pay handsomely irrespective of their reel location in the play field. Big Kahuna has 2 bonus symbols which are the Volcano symbol and the Mask symbol. While playing and you create the correct Mask and Volcano symbol combination, you definitely trigger the lucrative bonus games. 

You will also find that this type of online pokie game has 2 bonus games which are the Volcano Game and Pick a Mask Game. The appearance of 3, 4, or 5 of symbols such as Volcano on the payline that have been activated will trigger the Volcano Bonus Game. Some of the best bonus features and interesting themes that Big Kahuna have makes it a wonderful pokie hit ever developed on earth. 


What is the maximum jackpot of Big Kahuna? Big Kahuna features a maximum 500-coinonline pokies game jackpot (such can be obtained by using no deposit bonuses in Australia –

What are the special features of Big Kahuna? Big Kahuna offers a Scatter and a Wild symbol. Free Spins and Multipliers. 

What is the payout % of Big Kahuna? The payout % of this pokie is 96. 16% 

How many paylines and reels does Big Kahuna have? Big Kahuna features 5 reels and 9 paylines. 

Where can we play Big Kahuna? Big Kahuna is a Microgaming pokie available at Mr Green Casino.

What is gambling addiction?

In many countries, including Malta, Italy, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Britain, there is a system of self-exclusion of players, thanks to which people who, for example, are addicted to slot machines, are removed from the game if they feel a real threat to their well-being. Thus, it is possible to fight against excessive enthusiasm for gambling.

The key to overcoming the problem is getting rid of the misconceptions associated with gambling and understanding the psychological processes that can somehow become the first step on the path to gambling addiction. We have collected information for you that will help you to firmly look at things in gambling and not lose your head at the sight of slot machines, a poker table, and roulette.

Gambling mania – passion for casinos

Gambling addiction is a person’s dependence on the desire to gamble for money, be it slot machines, poker, roulette, and other types of gambling. Most of the players lose. Nevertheless, people continue to gamble, convinced that the winnings will overtake them. And this is the explanation of scientists.

One of the reasons people are encouraged to gamble is to feel the excitement of risk. On the other hand, this is escapism. The gaming atmosphere appears to the players as a kind of alternative reality. At the same time, when the player is surrounded by people and sounds in an emotionally rich environment, there is stimulation and prompting of feelings and sensations.

A less logical reason, but proven by psychologists, is the belief that gambling is glamorous. The media and advertising agencies understand the psychology of gambling and often create a stylish, sexy, fashionable image of gambling. In the movies and on TV, consumers see the heroes having fun all night at the casino or half a day at the races. This is often perceived as “high society”, which is especially sought after by the lower and middle classes. This is a misconception. Many modern operators today are fighting this problem by creating special services to identify signs of addiction to online gambling.

The next reason is sociality. Gambling is perceived as a part of the national culture, especially in the foreign mentality. Consequently, it is commonplace for children to play cards with their parents in a thirst to satisfy the excitement in adulthood. 

Knowing these reasons, you can now understand why your friend became addicted to the game. Having eliminated these reasons, you will not have a question on how to help someone with a gambling addiction

Why is there a desire to visit casinos more and more often?

How to explain the behavior of people who continue to gamble despite frequent losses? Many gamers who have lost large sums, instead of stopping on time, invest more and more money in the hope of getting the expected winnings. There are several psychological reasons why some players cannot stop.

Gambling addiction statistics

Is the problem of gambling addiction becoming more global and serious? The experts found that the percentage of gambling addicts around the world did not increase, despite the active spread of gambling in various forms in those jurisdictions where it is legal.

A game of chance is by definition a random event. However, many players strongly believe that they can develop a system that will win consistently. These are attempts to predict the patterns of random numbers (they do not exist); and attempts to choose “hot”, so-called gambling slot machines, and avoid “cold” ones (for example, play a slot that has not made payments for a long time, believing that this is “just about” to happen); and, to the point of absurdity, the performance of ritual actions so that the series of winnings does not stop. And all of these are delusions that need to be controlled so that gambling remains only a part of life, a pleasant hobby, and does not bring destruction to a person’s life. After all, it is very important how to stop a gambling addiction, thereby interrupting the game.

Australian Slots Casino Review

В настоящее время существует множество казино, предлагающих услуги высокого уровня. В большинстве случаев это игорные дома онлайн. Любителям азарта часто сложно сделать правильный выбор. Это связано с тем, что бонусные коды auslots предлагаются для получения более 100 игорных заведений. Однако любители азарта иногда бывают разочарованы. Это связано с неправильным выбором.

Казино Au Slots – Как выбрать?

Что нужно учитывать при выборе игровых автоматов или игровых заведений? Это главный вопрос. Наши специалисты решили помочь новичкам. Они подготовили несколько советов. Если вы решите, следует ли зарегистрироваться, вам следует обратить внимание на следующее:

  1. Наличие лицензии казино. Игроки, использующие сервисы через сайт, должны быть уверены, что их личные данные защищены. Это также относится к информации о банковском счете. Поэтому вы должны проверить, надежно ли игровое заведение.
  2. Диапазон слотов. Если люди найдут более 500 вариантов, значит, они посетили правильное игровое заведение. Каждый, кто посещает сайт казино, может запустить игровой автомат с фруктами, игровой автомат в стиле аниме или многое другое. Каждую неделю разработчики добавляют в предложение несколько продуктов. Вы должны войти чаще, чтобы проверить это.
  3. Is the mobile version available? Those who play using a smartphone are unlikely to deny that this method is better than run a slot in a browser. This is not only because you can log in to the casino anytime, anywhere. People who use smartphones and tablets can further protect their accounts.

These are just the basic criteria. You should also read the rules and terms to understand which payment method is better. For people living in Australia, this are MasterCard and Visa. However, if you choose a European casino, you will have to convert the currency. Therefore, many choose e-wallets.

No Deposit Slots — Specifics of Choice

Казино Австралийские СлотыThere is no need to convince anyone that among the slots you can find the largest selection of free games. NetEnt is the most famous developer. This company cooperates with many casinos and create slots with bonuses. If you are looking for the best options, you should try Dracula, Gonzo Quest, and Invisible Man. No less interesting are the products of Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft. These are developers who create products for gambling in different countries. If you choose auslots, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. The number of wheels. This can be 3 or 5. Such a parameter directly affects volatility. Aus slots are no exception. As a rule, Australians choose a gambling machine with 3 wheels. This is because in this case, victory is more likely.
  2. Minimum bet. It can be either one or 10, 20, 50 cents. Not all slots au are the same. Everyone chooses the option that is most coincides with a particular strategy.
  3. The quality of the graphics. People who play slots are looking for options associated with the atmosphere of land-based gambling establishments. Developers are doing everything possible to create such a product. Therefore, in the casino offer, you will find fruit slots, anime, and more than 200 options

Board Games or Slots to Choose?

Когда дело доходит до настольных игр, рулетка считается самой распространенной. Это игра, в которую играют по всему миру. Есть разные способы получить деньги на американскую, французскую и европейскую рулетку. Все, что вам нужно, это зарегистрироваться на сайте игорного дома. Однако перед проверкой вы должны проверить, сколько покер-румов доступно. Для тех, кто участвует в покерных турнирах, это важно. Каждый, кто скрупулезен, может получить прибыль и хорошо провести время.

The best slot machines with bonus games

Nowadays, exist innumerable free slot machines with bonus rounds in online casinos. Indeed, a gamer has an opportunity to play in dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of machines. It’s a great opportunity since a person may plunge into a completely various gaming world, unlike slot machines in ground-based gambling establishments. Online slot devices do not require special strategies, as everything here is based on luck and a combination of random numbers. Typically, this device consists of 3 or 5 reels. A thematic design is completely various since completely different characters can be involved in objects.

Catching a bonus on good slot machines is always a success. In our opinion, a really big win is probable only under a bonus time. This may be compared with a lottery ticket at a higher price and with greater chances. If the rotation of reels in a standard model is ordinary tickets, then when a bonus falls out, the heart starts beating more often, because these are tickets of not the same values. Here is a chance to win back losses and jump to a “plus”. Agree that, playing at $500, to catch free slot games with bonus features for fun like 15 free games with multiplication by 3 is a great success.

Classification of slot machines with bonus games

BonusAccording to a level of modernity the gaming program, сomputer may give various options for bonus games. Simple bonus games as choosing a character with subsequent crediting, and we can give an example of the latest Aliens video slot with a three-stage bonus. Moreover, each subsequent stage is launched only if the previous one has been completed.

Free spins with a multiplier by selecting characters

These slot games with bonus are determined like a set of figures that performs on a reredos, choosing which, a gamer collects free games and a multiplier applied to all wins during these spins. It is important to select as many “good” characters as possible, which add games and a multiplier before selecting a “bad” one that ends a bonus game. A good illustration of such games can be Crazy Fruits.

Standard free games with a fixed multiplier

Caught the required quantity of scatter symbols, a person gains free games. Games are played by a fixed multiplier. The multiplier can vary from 2 to 10. Sometimes additional wild figures are included in bonus spins. A model of such games is Jack Hammer.

Free-floating multiplier games

A gamer receives a certain number of free games at the same rate as the round that launched them. Games are activated by the required quantity of scatter symbols. Unlike the previous group – the multiplier for each game is set separately. It is randomly selected and can range from 1x to 10x. An illustration of such a bonus is game Mythic Maiden.

Choice one from the list with bonus figures

After getting slots with bonus games, the gamer selects bonus symbols from the table. Under each figure is a certain number of credits. The choice of bonus figures is also possible. They may contain protection against one loss (choosing a “bad” one), a multiplier for the entire win, or an additional win for all subsequently selected symbols. A model of such a bonus game is the Crime Scene emulator.

Bonus game with the continuation of the previous

In some games, all bonus rungs are combined into one. For example, a person got a bonus game and scored the right amount of points. After three bonus games, the 4th game will have an improved wild symbol or fewer symbols displayed simultaneously. Such a policy encourages the gamer to continue the game since the memory of the device is not eternal. An example of such bonuses can be Avalon2 and Thunderstruck2.