The Man behind the WSOP’s Record Win

From various tournaments held online to marathon sessions where people try to figure out who is the best poker specialist, the way how beginners and pros behave at the table is incomparable — just check the list of lucky ones who have managed to set international WSOP records.

The World Series of Poker is definitely among the most prestigious competitions in the class. Even though any volunteer older twenty-one is allowed to participate, the ticket buy-ins may seem unaffordable for an average individual. But that’s not the main focus. What matters is the fact a person has to possess incredible play skills to stand out among hundreds of counterparts.

Are you ready to meet a hero who has distinguished to put a dent in the world gambling universe? Stay tuned to discover more interesting details!

Television Producer and Manager

Can you imagine how much power, strength and inner power a man should have to defeat over nine thousand of good and well-skilled poker players? Let us introduce Jamie Gold — in 2006, this guy ranked first in the WSOP cashes record and fourth in the list of nominees with the biggest single payouts in international tournament history.

Back then, the winner achieved a fantastic prize — twelve million dollars (and that was cashed). This talent agent didn’t become a professional frontrunner at once: he was literally born with gambling in blood. A lot of the man’s relatives, including his mother and grandfather, were keen on playing poker, so the interest in the game was a natural thing.

Before he was 21, Gold developed his career in the field of the entertainment industry. Due to his management, such artists as Felicity Huffman, Jimmy Fallon, and more, were represented on the stage.

His acquaintance and work with Johnny Chan, a former Main Event champion, inspired Jamie to take part in WSOP (with focus on training, not benefits in cashing).

A Man of Controversial Tactics at the WSOP

Jamie Gold is a person to inspire other gamblers with his unique poker style, and a lot of avid video players do track his performance at competitions.

In the 2000s, the poker community faced a huge expansion, and the game seemed more accessible. With the presentation of WSOP online, the popularity of this activity enhanced greatly. Just compare the next figures:

  • In 2003, there were less than one thousand participants in the World Series.
  • In 2006, the number of WSOP poker players increased by almost nine times.

With such a rich pool of enthusiasts, there is nothing weird that the general atmosphere of excitement and stress was palpable, especially when it came to the Main Event.

What differentiated Jamie Gold from other competitors is his table talk. Witnesses believed it was a true form of arts. With no unnecessary gesture or facial move, the man was bluffing gorgeously. One could barely understand whether Gold had a good or a bad card at the hand, so he looked unbeatable several times. During the rounds, that year’s champion competed against toughest opponents like Allen Cunningham and Paul Wasicka.

The Poker Philanthropist 

Even with later championship’s results, including 2019 WSOP records, Jamie Gold’s performance has turned out to become something completely unique in poker history. Besides, the man is known for his large charity activities — over two hundred philanthropy events with millions of dollars gathered.