What is “delay play rounds” and why does the casino prohibit it?

Casino gamblingEvery casino has a clause like this in the rules “It is forbidden to postpone any game rounds when wagering bonuses”. I never stopped on this clause and did not go into details. But recently read a complaint on the casino about this and was interested in what it’s all about.  The punter complained that he canceled the bonus for nothing. However, the casino argued that they did so based on the rules. Without realizing it, the punter postponed the bonus round, for which he was punished. I don’t think every user in the casino knows what this is and why it shouldn’t be done. Nor did that punter know about it. 

What is a”postpone round”? 

To postpone a bonus round, it turns out, means to interrupt the game and resume it after a while. We once explained what happens if an error occurs, the slot freezes and has to be closed. In such cases you will be able to reopen the slot machine and it will have to start again from where you stopped last time. With bonus rounds everything is similar. If you interrupt the game by closing it, you will be able to reopen it when you no longer have the obligation to wagering bonuses. And you will be credited with real money, instead of bonus winnings. That’s what operators don’t want. On the subject of online casino ludomania. How to quit the slots? Not all bonus rounds are triggered automatically. Sometimes a punter needs to give a command or choose something to make the bonus round start or continue. Then there is an opportunity to close the slot and open in a day, two, a week, etc. 

Theoretically it should be just so – the game opens at the point where it stopped. Although in practice I do not know whether it will be like this after a long break. Heard from more than one punter that sometimes after closing the bonus round does not continue, and the balance returns to the original, as if the bonus round never happened. Case of the punter The punter we talked about above said that he is used to playing several slots at once and constantly goes from one tab to another. When he got the bonus game running on one slot, he saw that and left the reels spinning, switching to another slot. Apparently, the bonus game did not end automatically and the winnings were not accrued. This was the reason for cancelling the bonus. Intentionally or not, casinos do not want punters to wait until the moment when bonuses will be recouped and winnings of bonus round will be credited to the real punter’s account. 

So far, I personally have not heard of such a practice. But since casinos insert massively this condition, it means there are punters who are trying or have tried to use it. Caution If you like to switch from slot to slot, you need to be careful after taking bonuses. When playing with your own money in top online casinos Canada, it won’t count as a violation. After all, there is no difference to the casino. It’s best to check with customer service to see if you will be considered to have postponed the bonus round if you simply switch tabs and return to the slot shortly thereafter to activate or continue the bonus game. That way you avoid unfortunate mistakes.