What is gambling addiction?

In many countries, including Malta, Italy, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Britain, there is a system of self-exclusion of players, thanks to which people who, for example, are addicted to slot machines, are removed from the game if they feel a real threat to their well-being. Thus, it is possible to fight against excessive enthusiasm for gambling.

The key to overcoming the problem is getting rid of the misconceptions associated with gambling and understanding the psychological processes that can somehow become the first step on the path to gambling addiction. We have collected information for you that will help you to firmly look at things in gambling and not lose your head at the sight of slot machines, a poker table, and roulette.

Gambling mania – passion for casinos

Gambling addiction is a person’s dependence on the desire to gamble for money, be it slot machines, poker, roulette, and other types of gambling. Most of the players lose. Nevertheless, people continue to gamble, convinced that the winnings will overtake them. And this is the explanation of scientists.

One of the reasons people are encouraged to gamble is to feel the excitement of risk. On the other hand, this is escapism. The gaming atmosphere appears to the players as a kind of alternative reality. At the same time, when the player is surrounded by people and sounds in an emotionally rich environment, there is stimulation and prompting of feelings and sensations.

A less logical reason, but proven by psychologists, is the belief that gambling is glamorous. The media and advertising agencies understand the psychology of gambling and often create a stylish, sexy, fashionable image of gambling. In the movies and on TV, consumers see the heroes having fun all night at the casino or half a day at the races. This is often perceived as “high society”, which is especially sought after by the lower and middle classes. This is a misconception. Many modern operators today are fighting this problem by creating special services to identify signs of addiction to online gambling.

The next reason is sociality. Gambling is perceived as a part of the national culture, especially in the foreign mentality. Consequently, it is commonplace for children to play cards with their parents in a thirst to satisfy the excitement in adulthood. 

Knowing these reasons, you can now understand why your friend became addicted to the game. Having eliminated these reasons, you will not have a question on how to help someone with a gambling addiction

Why is there a desire to visit casinos more and more often?

How to explain the behavior of people who continue to gamble despite frequent losses? Many gamers who have lost large sums, instead of stopping on time, invest more and more money in the hope of getting the expected winnings. There are several psychological reasons why some players cannot stop.

Gambling addiction statistics

Is the problem of gambling addiction becoming more global and serious? The experts found that the percentage of gambling addicts around the world did not increase, despite the active spread of gambling in various forms in those jurisdictions where it is legal.

A game of chance is by definition a random event. However, many players strongly believe that they can develop a system that will win consistently. These are attempts to predict the patterns of random numbers (they do not exist); and attempts to choose “hot”, so-called gambling slot machines, and avoid “cold” ones (for example, play a slot that has not made payments for a long time, believing that this is “just about” to happen); and, to the point of absurdity, the performance of ritual actions so that the series of winnings does not stop. And all of these are delusions that need to be controlled so that gambling remains only a part of life, a pleasant hobby, and does not bring destruction to a person’s life. After all, it is very important how to stop a gambling addiction, thereby interrupting the game.